High end anatomically shaped multi-layer tooth line for new generation prostheses.


Natural colour and shape

  • natural morphology of tooth surface
  • incisal cracks and minor irregularities
  • transparent incisal area
  • visible mamelons in the dentin area
  • intensive chromaticity of the gingival region
  • including gingivally extended tooth designs for covering metal
  • structures in implants and partial prostheses
  • obscured fissural zones on the occlusal surface
  • anatomically designed pronounced cusps assure the maintaining of the natural tooth appearance and structure in individual matching with the antagonists



Brand new production technology

  • perfection of tooth design
  • retention opening on the lower part of transcanine teeth provides for easier and faster work.

New material

  • 50% improvement in tooth wear*
  • 15% improved hardness*
  • elasticity remains unchanged*
*compared to the existing material


The following are available to our customers: 
- presentation suitcase with all REF-LINE forms in one shade; 
- shade guide ; 
- Shape Selection Tool.

ref line na protezi ref line