Polident was established in 1958 as a unit of POLIGALANT, a company that processed plastic materials. It was situated in Prvačina, Slovenia  where it produced acrylic teeth called “SUPER” following the so-called dry procedure during which acrylic powder was poured into moulds, the neck was manually formed and heated on special plates in furnaces. The moulds were then pressed.

In 1971 manufacturing moved to Volčja Draga, Slovenia where it remains today. The company introduced a wet tooth production procedure, called the Cross Linked procedure. In 1978 the company established itself as a basic organisation of associated labour under Poligalant, later on renamed Poligalant-Plastik. This was the first step towards becoming independent. The director of that organisation was Adolf Pahor. A year later, the first three-layer CLTS teeth started to be produced. In the same year, the company stated to produce acrylic resins for dentures and a tooth-processing plant was opened in Štanjel, Slovenia. In 1981 a galvanisation line and a plant for modelling moulds were set up and tooth moulds started to be produced on a trial basis. A year later, casting investment materials began to be made in Zalošče, while in 1984 a new building was constructed for Polident in Volčja Draga. Also, in 1984 Polident began to export its products. First export was made to Denmark.

1989 brought a series of changes. On the basis of a vote, Polident was split off from Poligalant and became the independent company Polident p.o. Volčja Draga. Stanislav Ponikvar was appointed its CEO. In the same year the company introduced a very successful new galvanic technology for producing tooth moulds. In 1990, the first three-layer acrylic “Primodent” teeth were produced for which the NIOM certificate on compliance with ISO 3336:1993 standard was received. The Primodent name was protected in 20 countries. 

The 1990s were very turbulent. The Yugoslav market started to fall apart, Slovenia ceded from the then Yugoslavia and our market shrank drastically. In addition, the Slovenian company Lek also started to produce teeth and the borders were opened for products from abroad so all of a sudden we had to face competition from the entire world. Primodent teeth helped us overcome the biggest crisis and they were successfully launched in Australia by the then CEO, Drago Šuc, after which we started to export to other countries as well. 

In 1996 Polident established itself as a joint-stock company on the basis of the Ownership Transformation Act and was registered in the Nova Gorica District Court with a share capital of EUR 337,652. Its employees became shareholders. Mr Janko Krušič was elected CEO and in the following years the investment fund management company KBM Infond became the biggest owner of Polident with a 51% stake in the company. It was at this time that Polident started to produce the new, Cross Linked 2 teeth and for the first time it appeared independently at the Koln fair. In addition, it set up a computer network and introduced a new IT system. In 1999 it set up a web page and produced the first mould for a new form of teeth following its own original CAD-CAM procedure.

In 2001, it obtained the ISO 9001 and EC certificates and purchased equipment for mechanical tooth processing. In 2003, two further certificates were obtained, namely ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003. This was also the year it started producing the acrylic resin Politemp and the phosphate-bonded investment material Polivest. In 2005, the company bought a new building and moved to new premises. In the same year, it bought a CNC processing machine intended for the production of tooth production tools. At the end of the same year, Infond sold its stake to Konik Ltd. which thereby emerged as a new majority owner.

In 2006, Polident acquired a laboratory press allowing for stringent testing conditions for high-quality teeth production. At the end of the year, Dani Pečečnik was appointed the new CEO to take on the task of encouraging the company’s rapid development so that within 10 years it might catch up to the best companies in the industry in terms of technological equipment and qualifications. With that aim in mind, a 3D scanner, free form software and a phantom arm for professional shaping were purchased, as well as an automatic line for packing casting investment materials so as to significantly increase the company’s packaging capacity. Due to a lack of space, an extension to the management building and a modern warehouse were constructed.

In 2008, the company’s development continued, with a new machine for tool polishing being acquired that has considerably enhanced the quality of tools and consequently the quality of teeth production.  

Our greatest challenge is to continuously satisfy our customers. We are aware that, with our products, we are the first part of the chain through which end-customers are assured the best possible quality and aesthetics.

Today, Polident employs 90 people who constantly contribute to the quality of our products. It is managed by a young, flexible and goal-oriented team that sees in our company and our products a range of opportunities for discovering and entering new markets and improving our recognition in existing markets.

Polident – the dental product manufacturer