ORTOHEKA is extra fast setting alginate, perfect for orthodontists.

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Characteristics Easy to mix and quickly absorbs water.
Homogenous mix and compact smooth surfaces
Highly elastic alginate.
Extra fast working and setting times.
Thixotropic handling.
Pleasant vanilla flavour with reduction in gag-reflex.
Yellow colour.
Indications Indicated for impression, specially in ortodontics.
Indicated for  impressions for surgery models.
Shades yellow Packaging
06855 ORTOHEKA powder – 450 g
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POLIALGIN is an alginate with the right balance of elasticity and mechanical strength, it allows reliable impressions to be obtained.

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Characteristics Mint flavoured.
Green colour.
Indications Impressions for fixed and removable prostheses.
Impressions for study models.
Especially recommended for frameworks.
Shades green Packaging
06842  POLIALGIN powder – 453 g
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