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Mr. Bilocq Ludovic

"For me, Polident is the best traveling companion that we can find to support us in the development of our activity. I cannot count the number of products of the Polident brand which have already passed through our hands and which are therefore found on the Belgian market. The contact persons (Andrej, Danni) are always attentive and very responsive to my various questions. It is always a pleasure to be able to chat with them. Polident products fully meet the demands of the dental market: Aesthetics, quality ... For 6 years, our collaboration has continued to increase and I am already delighted to discover the new products that I could add to my range. Polident, a trusted partner!"



Mr. Dimos Mitakidis
Polident's products are of exquisite quality. Dental technicians and dentists all over Greece have been using them for years. They trust them as they present no complications and they have very reasonable prices. More and more of our clients choose to prefer Polident daily.