Quality Policy

It is our objective to be competitive on the dental market, to increase our share of the market, to produce safe and effective medical devices, to perform constantly well and to have as a result satisfied employees, customers, users, owners and all interested parties. In order to achieve all this:

  • we take responsibility for our work, constantly invest in knowledge and care for the development of employees competencies,
  • we constantly improve the processes, technology, products and services,
  • we take care of providing the quality of processes, products and services with setting measurable objectives, 
  • we provide the appropriate resources to achieve the objevtives and quality policy,
  • we take care of the market diversity and we are engaged in the improvement of the PoliDent trademark image, 
  • we take into account initiatives and ideas of all interested parties,
  • we constantly improve and update the quality management system,
  • we follow the requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, CAS/CSA-ISO 13485, MDSAP and Medical Device Directives MDD 93/42/EEC and MDR SOR/98-282 and other legal requirements in the area of our work and health and safety at work.